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Design 3D Print is a small, family owned business based on the Sunshine Coast.  We want to share the skills developed over 35 years in the Manufacturing and Design industry to help you bring your visions off the paper and turn them into a tangible 3D Product.

Depending on your project, we utilise Stratasys FDM 370, Form Lab Printers,  BCN3D Sigmax FDM and Zortrax Apoller Machines.  You can provide us with your own file, or we can work with you to help create your design.  

No matter where you are based in Australia, we can help.  Please Reach Out To Us so that we can discuss your needs.


Toolmaker of over 35 years In Plastic moulds & press tools
CNC programming and operating over 20 years
3D design & modelling for over 10 years
CNC wire cutting for over 20 years

3D Design Print Shed is an innovative family based company, It’s CEO Andrew Kelly is a fully qualified toolmaker with over 35 years in practical applications of Plastic moulds & press tools. 

Andrew has assisted in the production of tooling with many different companies throughout Australia, New Zealand, including other parts of the world. 

Some of the companies that Andrew has assisted directly and indirectly along the way have been GJames Glass & Aluminium, Rover Mowers, EGR Plastics & IES Explosives to name a few.

The basis of 3D printing has risen from CNC programming (In general terms, CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and has been around since the early 1970’s)

The expertise required for CNC programming requires software to create program codes and instructions that are used to run a machine tool controlled by a computer, each unique part to be manufactured requires its own CNC program. 

Andrew’s experience in CNC mill & wire cutting machining extends over 20 years he has used many different machines that are capable of cutting a vast range of materials from plastics right through to hardened steels. 

The innovative team at the Print Shed on the Sunshine Coast Qld have taken the natural progression into the 21 Century with 3D Design & Modelling. 

Their expertise is Professional, Powerful & Precise with over 10 years experience in hands on ideas applied to practical hard core applications. 

You Can be assured your ideas are safe with them as they have a confidentiality agreement in place for each and every application. 

So when you have, *(The aha moment) that feeling you experience when you’ve been trying to do or complete that task or thought pattern. You can be assured Andrew can guide you along the correct path to make your dreams become a reality. 

 *(Definition of aha moment. : a moment of sudden realisation, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension)  

The 3D Print Shed would not operate without office administration and Kylie Kelly is more than capable being Andrews long time friend and wife.

Having a career in banking and long time interest in Graphics, they make a formidable team in the 3d print and design services arena.

Andrew has made his name as the “go to man” for many of his industry peers, he is well known to have “a knack for making things work”.


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