BCN3d Sigmax
fdm Printer

Design 3D Print Shed can manufacture for you a working prototype including functional prototypes, we are focused on reducing the product cost per unit.

The BCN3D Sigmax offers a large print volume of 420*297*210mm. The main advantage of this feature is its proportions, offering a larger surface instead of a large height. This responds to the standard dimension ratio of the vast majority of parts that are manufactured. Make no mistake, chances are that the majority of the parts you will need to print require larger surface instead of height.

Whatever You Can Think –  You Can Achieve

Print complex geometries with water-soluble PVA supports. With 3D Printing there is no limits.

Did you know you could do this with 3D Design

Releasing the mould after the completion of the 3D scan 

Professional 3D Scanning – Here at Design 3D Print Shed we use Artec Scanners to reproduce your products.

Need some inspiration for 3D Design

By viewing the videos above you will get an appreciation of the endless possibilities that can be achieved.

By viewing the videos above you will get an appreciation of the endless possibilities than can be achieved.

The expertise required for CNC programming requires software to create program codes and instructions that are used to run a machine tool controlled by a computer. Each unique part to be manufactured requires its own CNC program. 

Andrew’s experience in CNC mill & wire cutting machining extends over 25 years. He has used many different machines that are capable of cutting a vast range of materials from plastics right through to hardened steels. 

The accuracy required in this form of manufacturing is cutting within ± 0.005mm in its operation, hence operators can leave no room for error and the now CEO of 3D Design Print Shed has proven he is more than capable of this. 

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