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Today desktop and SLA 3D printers accelerate innovation and support businesses in supplying various industries including:

Engineering  –  Manufacturing  –  Dentistry
Healthcare  –  Education  –  Entertainment
Jewellery  –  Audiology

Design – Prepare – 3D Print – Post Process – Use

All 3D printing processes start with a CAD model that is sent to software to create the code to drive the printer. The 3D printer produces the part layer by layer by solidifying resin. The parts are then removed from the printer and post-processed for the specific application.

In the sample above and below you can see the process in the printing of a pair of goggles.


Speed  –  Cost  –  Design Freedom  –   Reduced Risk  Customisation


Engineering  –  Manufacturing  –  Dentistry  Healthcare  –  Education  –  Entertainment  –  Jewelry  Audiology

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