Stratasys – FDM  F370

Design 3D Print Shed is taking manufacturing to the
next level with the help of this high-end machine
the F370
This allows for quality controlled outputs and
impressive repeatable results
– Every time


FDM is also known as Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) or Fused Deposition Modelling.

It is commonly used in 3D printing where production grade thermoplastics are used.

By using this method accurate repeatable strong parts are produced with the best possible accuracy

Benefits of FDM on F370:


  • Reduced build times can be achieved by utilising the features of the F370, for example Advanced Fast Draft Mode.
  • The temperature controlled build chamber provides for superior layer adhesion.

  • Files can be directly imported from CAD to aid against translation errors and to give a cleaner looking part.

  • Difficult to build parts are no problem with this machine as it utilises a dual head system (one for build material and another for soluble support to help build those parts that would be otherwise near impossible)

  • Proprietary engineering grade materials (ABS,ASA,PC-ABS,TPU,DIRAN & PLA) that guarantee true reliable printing 24/7

The F123 Series works with a range of materials – so you can produce complex parts with flexibility and accuracy


If you are looking for parts that are strong and durable FDM may suit your needs. Because Sunshine Coast Design 3D Print has wide range of printers to choose from, they are able to cover all applications.

3D Printing is ideal for Product Research, Development & Manufacturing as used in testing and tooling, consumer goods that are out of production and other design applications.


In basic terms Rapid Prototyping is the process of
Design, Create, Test, Refine and Repeat
until the desired end result is achieved.

Here at Design 3D Print Shed we are turning your visions into reality in a cost effective way in the minimum amount of time.


Using the F370 printer, we can confidently deliver prototypes or multiple finished products through the most reliable industrial printers available on the market today.

You can be assured of getting the perfect end result.

By using our printing services, we can save you time, stress, and in the long run money.

The process from imagination through development to end result is flawless and quick.

The prompt turnaround provided here on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, ensures the shortened product design cycle, with no compromise on accuracy and finish of the end product.

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