Removing Layering with Zortrax
Smart Vapor Smoothing Device

Smart Vapor Smoothing (SVS) technology.

This up to date technology evenly smooths surfaces on all kinds of models.  Whether it’s those with complex geometries and interlocked movable parts or just a simple design.

How it does this is in the Apoller’s smoothing chamber. By automatically controlling and management of temperature, pressure, and concentration of solvent’s vapors.

Smart Vapor Smoothing

Vapor Smoothing is an option we provide to produce a refined finish on ABS and ASA materials. 

Step 1 – Print

Step 2 – Smooth

Step 3 – Enjoy

Desktop Smart Vapor Smoothing Device Offering Industrial Class Performance

Zortrax Apoller Main Features:

  • Smoothing chamber size is 300x250x250 mm
  • Works in the Zortrax SVS technology
  • Works with acetone
  • Compatible with ABS, ASA based filaments
  • Advanced vapor circulation system
  • ATEX certified Safety Systems

The Process Speaks For Itself

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